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The solution proposed by CoBRAIN is to develop novel hardmetals for thermal spray coatings based on compositionally complex systems of High Entropy Alloy and Carbides as a binder and hard phase (respectively) and to support their application by a Sustainable Decision Support System to identify specific elements and process solutions optimised in different applications. In comparison to electroplated chromium, thermal spray coatings display a longer lifetime, less wear and corrosion degradation, and do not penalise the fatigue life of steel substrates.

48 Months Duration

12 Partners

7 EU Countries

One-Year CoBRAIN: Partners Present
at Athens Consortium Meeting

CoBRAIN Approach
& Methodology

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CoBRAIN in brief

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CoBRAIN aims to develop solutions for wear and corrosion-resistant coatings by thermal spraying, generating experimental and computational datasets and developing a specific domain ontology to enable their interoperability. A unique synergy of these datasets and the data on material lifecycle sustainability, are used in Deep Learning (DL) algorithms to provide support to decision-making processes in the development of industrial components.

CoBRAIN is a 48-month project and its goals will be achieved through the implementation of eight (8) WPs, including: 5 technical WPs (WP1-5), Validation of CoBRAIN solution (WP6), Dissemination and Exploitation of CoBRAIN results (WP7). Finally, WP8 concerns project coordination and management.

CoBRAIN will develop a Sustainable Decision Support System (SDSS), that will produce and provide guidance for interested industrial end-users on how to choose the optimal path between the technologies and processes of the proposed work to reach the desired products. Technology solutions for a sustainable coatings portfolio will be favored as they offer the capability to estimate their impact on the economy and the environment.

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