CoBRAIN Project identifies novel formulations, exploiting the versatility and low environmental impact of thermal spraying to produce alloy and hardmetal coatings free of toxic & critical materials as alternatives to the traditional Tungsten Carbide (WC)-Cobalt (Co) and Chromium VI based coating.

A Sustainable Decision Support System (SDSS), will be developed incorporating existing and mature materials modelling approaches (digital model and data representation), data produced through experimental and characterisation activities, process-related data and the consequent Life Cycle Performance Cost estimations. This interoperability will be achieved by utilising a common standardised representation of knowledge in the form of an ontology – European Material Modelling Ontology (EMMO) guidelines.

CoBRAIN aims

To obtain novel High Entropy Hardmetals and Alloys presenting high corrosion and wear resistance as coatings

To validate an Integrated Computational-Experimental Materials Engineering workflow

To demonstrate the effectiveness of Sustainability by Design

To Maximize the Economic, Environmental and Knowledge related impacts of CoBRAIN