CoBRAIN 7M consortium meeting

On the 3rd and 4th of July, the CoBRAIN project took a significant leap forward as the hybrid 7M Consortium meeting took place in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy hosted by our partner UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI ROMA TRE (UR3). The meeting was a perfect blend of in-person and virtual engagement, allowing partners to gather and engage in fruitful discussions about the project’s remarkable progress and achievements thus far. During this event, ambitious goals were set for the upcoming months, further propelling the CoBRAIN project towards its innovative objectives. 

The 7M Consortium meeting in Rome was a true testament to the dedication and collaboration of the CoBRAIN project partners. The event not only celebrated the progress achieved so far but also solidified the project’s commitment to driving innovation in thermal spray coatings and materials science. With renewed enthusiasm and shared vision, the partners are now more determined than ever to push the boundaries of technological advancements and revolutionize industries such as automotive, transport, chemical, oil & gas, textile, and steel & metal. The CoBRAIN project stands as a shining example of how collective effort and cutting-edge research can pave the way for a sustainable and promising future in thermal spraying technology. Together, we are shaping a world where enhanced efficiency, durability, and cost savings go hand in hand with environmental consciousness and social impact.

CoBRAIN project has officially launched!

On 24th – 25th of January EXELISIS participated in the hybrid kick-off meeting, of the CoBRAIN project, hosted by UNIMORE in Modena of Italy. CoBRAIN is a HorizonEU project funded by the EU under the topic Advanced materials modelling and characterisation. 

EXELISIS is leading activities related to IPR Management and Dissemination & Communication activities under WP7, which were presented along with some guidelines for a successful D&C strategy. 

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