CoBRAIN at VTT premises, Finland

On April 12th, the coordinator of the project (UNIMORE) along with MBN and partners involved in WP2 (VTT, ACS, ANX) held an in-person meeting at the VTT headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The primary objective of the meeting was to coordinate the upcoming actions in the context of physical and numerical modeling.  

During the meeting, the attendees discussed the current progress of the project and identified any challenges that needed to be addressed. They also explored various approaches to physical and numerical modeling that could be implemented to achieve the project’s objectives. 

 The meeting was highly productive, as it allowed the project partners to exchange ideas and insights on how best to move forward. It is anticipated that the discussions held during this meeting will contribute significantly to the success of the project, and further meetings will be held to ensure that the project remains on track. 

CoBRAIN project has officially launched!

On 24th – 25th of January EXELISIS participated in the hybrid kick-off meeting, of the CoBRAIN project, hosted by UNIMORE in Modena of Italy. CoBRAIN is a HorizonEU project funded by the EU under the topic Advanced materials modelling and characterisation. 

EXELISIS is leading activities related to IPR Management and Dissemination & Communication activities under WP7, which were presented along with some guidelines for a successful D&C strategy. 

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