European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) started as a bottom – up association in 2014, while in 2019, was established as a non-profit Association, EMMC ASBL. The council’s primary mission is to drive the development of new and improved materials, as well as the utilisation of existing materials in novel applications, crucial for the success and sustainability of European industry and society. Its main focus areas include model development, interoperability digitalisation, software deployment, and impact in industry and policy roadmap. EMMC is dedicated to supporting the development and industrial application of modeling and digital representations of materials, paving the way for innovation and advancement in the sector through pre-competitive collaboration, information exchange, and expertise facilitation. 

The council engages a diverse range of stakeholders, including manufacturers, software developers, materials scientists, and modelers. It advocates for the use of digitalisation and materials modeling as essential tools for accelerating sustainable and rapid product development. EMMC boasts over 50 organisational members, more than 30 full individual members, and over 800 associate members. Notably, the council actively involves itself in all types of materials models (physics and data-based), across all chemical/material and application fields, and in science-based ontology development for shared conceptualisations, along with harmonisation and standardisation. 

CoBRAIN has been designated as one of the “EMMC related Initiatives” in the field of Materials Modelling and Characterisation. 

The European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC), established in 2016, is dedicated to advancing materials characterisation in Europe. It fosters collaboration among stakeholders across the advanced materials value chain, aiming to develop innovative characterisation tools and promote regulatory frameworks for nanosafety. EMCC’s vision is to become the leading organisation driving digital integration in advanced materials characterisation, with a focus on open standards and shared semantics. By bringing together experts in various characterisation techniques and industries, EMCC aims to empower the development of novel and sustainable materials, supporting the green and digital transitions in Europe. EMCC’s stakeholders include: (a) Materials Scientists covering all types of characterisation expertise, (b) Developers and manufactures of analytical instruments (both academic and industry), (c) Materials manufacturers and integrators (industrial end-users of characterisation), and (d) Standardisation Bodies and Metrology Institutes