The materials development approach involves the use of advanced physical modelling and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive the Design of Experiment aiming for a digitally-enabled economy as well as resilient and democratic society.


CoBRAIN is targeting the world of protective coatings, wear- and corrosion-resistant, covering most of the applications of chrome plating, while also extending to thick coatings, already addressed by thermal spraying.


CoBRAIN will make use of known technologies, that are already available at industrial level, to bring 2 novel material classes to the coating market: crystalline High Entropy Hardmetals (HHM) and amorphous HHM.


The main direct social impact of CoBRAIN will be to provide reliable alternatives to the use of Cr (VI), a known carcinogenic substance that impacts workers in Electroplated Hard Chromium (EHC) supply chain.