Prof. Giovanni Bolelli has been invited to present CoBRAIN at the 11th RIPT 2024 Conference

We are delighted to announce that CoBRAIN’s project coordinator, Prof. Giovanni Bolelli (UMR), has been invited to present groundbreaking research at the esteemed 11th RIPT 2024 Conference in Jülich, Germany. The conference, held from June 5th to 7th, serves as a premier platform for intensive exchanges and contributions, focusing particularly on spray processes. Prof. Bolelli’s presentation, titled “Developing High-Entropy Alloy (HEA)-based coatings by combined experiments and Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME),” promises to shed light on innovative approaches in materials science. 

Prof. Bolelli’s presentation at the conference is a testament to CoBRAIN’s commitment to advancing materials science through cutting-edge research and collaboration. By combining experimental techniques with Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), CoBRAIN aims to revolutionise the development of High-Entropy Alloy (HEA)-based coatings. This approach not only enhances the understanding of materials behavior but also accelerates the design and optimisation of coatings with superior properties.

The invitation to present CoBRAIN’s research at such a prestigious conference underscores the project’s significant contributions to the field of materials science. Prof. Bolelli’s presentation offered insights into the project’s findings and results, highlighting the collaborative efforts of the CoBRAIN team and showcasing the project’s impact on advancing knowledge and innovation in materials science. The conference provides an invaluable opportunity for CoBRAIN to engage with experts and stakeholders, exchange ideas, and foster future collaborations that will drive further progress and advancements in the field. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our website and social media channels as we continue to push the boundaries of materials science and shape the future of coatings technology.
11 RIPT 2024 – Forschungszentrum Jülich (

CoBRAIN project has officially launched!

On 24th – 25th of January EXELISIS participated in the hybrid kick-off meeting, of the CoBRAIN project, hosted by UNIMORE in Modena of Italy. CoBRAIN is a HorizonEU project funded by the EU under the topic Advanced materials modelling and characterisation. 

EXELISIS is leading activities related to IPR Management and Dissemination & Communication activities under WP7, which were presented along with some guidelines for a successful D&C strategy. 

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