Ontological Representation of Thermal Spray Processes [Months 1-24]
Leader: UNIBO
The main objective is to specify the complete materials modeling and characterization (MODA & CHADA) that will be used in the project and will create a set of ontological relations to connect modelling, characterization, processes, and their Life Cycle Performance Assessment (LCPA) in the Thermal processes sector.

4 Deliverables (D1.1-D1.4), 1 Milestone (MS1)


Interoperable Material Models [Months 1-26]
Leader: VTT
The goal of WP2 is to develop physics-based models targeting the mechanical and chemical properties of coatings obtained through Thermal Spaying and to establish process-scale models for their support and optimization. Other crucial activities include i. the utilization of Machine & Deep Learning (ML/DL) models to accelerate throughput of physical ones, ii. the validation of the interoperability of physics- and data- based models and iii. the analysis of synthetic materials data to identify the minimum experimental training dataset that guarantees ML/DL reliability.

4 Deliverables (D2.1-D2.4), 2 Milestones (MS2, MS3)


Testing reference materials and experimental procedure [Months 1-24]
Leader: UR3
Under WP3 the equipment needed for the main experimental campaign in WP4 will be setup, while the relevant procedures (methodology & process workflow) will be developed for powder production. Moreover, practical guidelines for a standardized, repeatable production of specimens on High Velocity Oxy-Fuel - HVOF, High Velocity Air-Fuel - HVAF, Cold Gas Spray - CGS and for the realization of the experimental dataset will be provided.

3 Deliverables (D3.1-D3.3), 1 Milestone (MS4)


Generation of Experimental Dataset [Months 27-40]
Leader: UB
WP4 mainly focuses on the production of the experimental dataset identified under WP2, the application and optimisation of the CHADA defined under WP3 and the collection of information for the evaluation of LCPA in the Sustainable Decision Support System (SDSS).

5 Deliverables (D4.1-D4.5), 1 Milestone (MS5)


Development of a Sustainable Decision Support System [Months 7-44]
Leader: BAL
The scope of WP5 is to identify and assess the benefits and impacts of the individual processes and coatings developed in the previous WP3 and WP4 through the implementation of the LPCA approach. These results will be used to identify key indicators to improve the understanding of the potential environmental and economic implications of new coating formulations on the overall life cycle aspects and to provide information to the users for strategic planning and sustainable development.

6 Deliverables (D5.1-D5.6), 1 Milestone (MS6)


Validation of the SDSS and the new coating solutions [Months 34-48]
Leader: OBZ
The main objectives focus around the evaluation of SDSS reliability on coated components and the validation of the replicability of AI-system on coatings produced with different Thermal Spray equipment. The assessment of CoBRAIN solutions’ applicability in the market will be also investigated, along with the engagement of stakeholders aiming to improve and validate SDSS.

4 Deliverables (D6.1-D6.4), 1 Milestone (MS7)


Use of the Results [Months 1-48]
Leader: MBN
WP7 aims to design and implement a proper exploitation strategy for the successful market uptake of the CoBRAIN results. Business and exploitation plans will be developed by defining the innovation margins and commercial potential of the exploitable results. Additionally, WP7 will focus on the communication and dissemination of the appropriate information in order to raise awareness about CoBRAIN proposed solutions in the field of Thermal Spray coatings for various applications.

5 Deliverables (D7.1-D7.5)


Project Management [Months 1-48]
Leader: UMR
The goal of WP8 is to perform a successful and efficient management of project activities, including communication between partners and with the EC, coordination of actions, and monitoring of technical activities, throughout the project. Moreover, WP8 manages financial and contractual matters, technical coordination, timing and quality of the results.

7 Deliverables (D8.1-D8.7)