Workshop on Advanced Materials Characterisation & Modelling Projects

CoBRAIN was actively participated in the online Joint Workshop on Advanced Materials Characterisation and Modelling Projects, organised by HADEA, which took place on Monday, February 26th. This collaborative event brought together a diverse range of projects, including sister projects and the councils EMMC and EMCC, all dedicated to advancing materials characterisation and modeling. 

During the workshop, representatives from EMMC and EMCC presented insights into the councils, shedding light on their objectives and upcoming activities. Additionally, representatives from 6 different topics introduced sister projects under each topic. The workshop concluded with an open discussion, where participants enthusiastically expressed their desire to arrange a second workshop and initiate further clustering activities. HADEA endorsed such initiatives and expressed readiness to organise more workshops akin to this one, or even more technically-focused events. 

Our participation in this workshop was a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow projects and stakeholders, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. By engaging in discussions and presentations alongside other experts in the field, we were able to exchange insights, explore synergies, and identify potential areas for collaboration that can drive significant progress in materials science. 

At CoBRAIN, we recognise the value of collective effort in addressing complex challenges. Through our active involvement in events like this Joint Workshop, we reaffirm our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of materials science. By fostering clustering activities with other projects, we aim to accelerate advancements and contribute to building a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. 

Our participation in the Joint Workshop on Advanced Materials Characterisation and Modelling Projects underscores our dedication to driving positive change in the field. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with projects related to materials science, as we collectively shape the future of materials characterisation and modeling for the betterment of society.

CoBRAIN project has officially launched!

On 24th – 25th of January EXELISIS participated in the hybrid kick-off meeting, of the CoBRAIN project, hosted by UNIMORE in Modena of Italy. CoBRAIN is a HorizonEU project funded by the EU under the topic Advanced materials modelling and characterisation. 

EXELISIS is leading activities related to IPR Management and Dissemination & Communication activities under WP7, which were presented along with some guidelines for a successful D&C strategy. 

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